Nissei, Japan’s largest manufacturer of injection molding machines are famous for their reliability, accuracy and energy saving technology. They offer horizontal, vertical and dual injection models with servo driven hydraulic and all electric types.

Machines range from 7 to 2500 tons of clamp pressure.

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Known around the world as the leader in large injection molding machine technology. UBE continues to produce the finest in state of the art hydraulic machinery from 720 US tons to 7000 US tons, and leads the world in the production of All Electric Injection Molding Machines from 720 US tons to 3300 US tons.

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Moretto is known for its innovative material handling solutions. Their attention to detail, energy saving technology, reliability and unique product designs make them a strong competitor in the American market.

  • Drying Systems
  • Blending & Dosing
  • Conveying Systems
  • Storage
  • Mold Temperature Control
  • Cooling
  • Grinding / Size Reduction 

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HARMO is a leading Japanese manufacturer of molded parts removal robots and related peripheral machines. Products line includes:

  • Servo and Pneumatic sprue pickers
  • 3-axis and 5-axis robots
  • Gran cutters

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Tecnomagnete has been developing magnetic work holding systems for 35 years. Products include permanent-electro magnetic systems to clamp workpieces on milling, grinding, turning machines and special equipment for rail machining. Magnetic QMC systems to clamp molds for plastic injection molding machines and metal presses, and manual lifters for loads up to 2000kg.

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Daikin offers servo driven hydraulic power packs which are extremely reliable, up to 63% more energy efficient, low noise and require no cooling water

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Concor is considered one of the leading experts in the design, manufacture, and re-manufacturing of screws, barrels, tip assemblies, nozzles, end caps and related products for the injection and extrusion molding of a wide range of materials.

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Automator is a world wide leader in industrial marking equipment and solutions. Technologies include laser, dot peen, impact, scribe, rolling, presses, hot and electrolytic. This comprehensive range of marking systems caters to a wide range of industries and materials.

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For over 75 years Rousseau Metals has been designing and manufacturing customizable durable and heavy-duty industrial storage and workstations in North America.

Products include:

Tool Boxes, Heavy Duty Cabinets, Workstations, Workbenches, Modular Shelving and CNC   Storage Solutions.

All products are customizable and available in 20 standard colors. 

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| Modular Drawer System | Toolbox System | R Cabinet | R-Go Motorized Tool BoxL Cabinet | L50 Electronic Lock systemCNC Storage Solutions | Workstation SystemMULTITEK Cart | TEKZONE Workstation Hutch | Spider ® Shelving SystemFreestanding Station |

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