Australian Numerical Controls and Automation (ANCA) is a market leader of high quality tool and cutter grinders. As well as tool and cutter grinders for the metal and woodworking sectors ANCA offers specialist machines for various industries.

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DANOBAT has been a leading manufacturer of ultra precision grinding machines for 65 years. Grinding machine  types include:

  • Universal Cylindrical Grinding - Danobat 
  • Internal Cylindrical Grinding - Danobat/Overbeck
  • Centerless Grinding - Danobat/Estarta
  • Vertical Grinding - Danobat
  • Finish Hard Turning - Hembrug

Danobat machines feature state of the art construction for superior performance and accuracy, including natural granite machine base and main components, linear motor technology and hydro-static ways.

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Danobat Machine Catalogs:

| LG: High speed and universal precision grinding solution |

| CG/PG: High production grinding solutions |

| ID/IRD/ILD/IED: High precision internal, external & radius grinding solutions |

| Estarta: Precision and production centerless solutions |

| HG/WT: Horizontal heavy duty grinding solutions |

| VG/DVG: Vertical grinding solutions |

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Hembrug supplies some of the worlds most accurate finish hard turning machines, a great alternative to cylindrical grinding which provides greater accuracy, more flexibility, higher productivity and great cost savings. Applications include carbide, ferrous and non-ferrous parts, hydraulic industries, die & mold making, bearings & the ballscrew nut industry.

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ZIERSCH Surface and Cylindrical Grinding Machines are engineered and built in Germany and feature easy to use controls and provide outstanding performance and accuracy.

ZIERSCH superior quality and accuracy is achieved by the following features:

  • Sturdy cast iron construction
  • Scraped and coated slideways are used in the longitudinal axis to provide effective damping and a high-quality grinding pattern.
  • Vertical and cross axes are equipped with pre-loaded linear guideway systems.
  • Guaranteed accuracy 0.0002" flatness & parallelism
  • Electro permanent magnetic chuck with 16 power settings & optional air purge for easy part removal
  • Easy to use control with touch color screen & simple icon driven menus
  • Automatic grinding and dressing cycles with dress compensation
    • Optional grinding programs for slotting and side grinding
    • Optional dressing cycles for the side of the wheel, including radius and chamfer dressing

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BUMOTEC Swiss built high precision mill/turn machines provide multi tasking solutions for complete part manufacturing

s191 Single Station Multi-Tasking solution

Working from bar or blanks, bar capacity: 1.25" / 2" / 2.5"
Linear motors and drives, Up to 7 axis and 3 spindles
Tool magazine 30/60/90, HSK40-A (Capto C4 option)
5 axis simultaneous machining
30,000 rpm (40,000 rpm option)

s181 2 Station Multi-Tasking solution

2 machining stations
Linear motors and drives
Station 1
30,000 rpm (40,000 rpm option)
5 axis simultaneous machining
Tool magazine 30/60/90, HSK40-A
Station 2
8,000 rpm (28,000 rpm option)

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The Max Engineering Ex80, 5 Axis Video Optical Profile Grinding Machine, is designed for forming and dressing of super-abrasives grinding wheels.

  • Made in USA
  • Superior easy to use software
  • Rigid construction
    • Heavy duty machine base
    • Precision linear guides and ballscrews
    • Large rotary axis bearing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Superior accuracy
  • Quick change spindle system
  • Optional wheel balancing
  • Use as a grinding wheel presetter

Bramac Machinery is the representative for Max Engineering Inc. for California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho and Utah.

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LaserMeasuring Technologies Accu-Edge and Accu-Tool are cost-effective precision cutting tool measurement systems designed for your demanding environment.

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The BOSS-FA Automatic Cut-Off Machine is the industry’s most advanced cut-off saw. Designed for automatic precision cutting of Carbide and Hardened HSS rods, the system also allows for multiple lengths within a magazine load. Includes an easy to use operator interface with “Quick Set” programming for standard lengths and diameters.


  • Automatic wheel wear compensation
  • Fully enclosed, powder coated enclosure with safety interlocks
  • Automatic loader for large capacity rods up to 430mm in length
  • Touch panel display
  • "Quick Set" programs for standard diameters and lengths
  • SERVO driven in-feed
  • Automatic crash protection
  • Variable speed spindle for total cut cycle optimization
  • Fully programmable feed rate through the cut
  • Step by step video help
  • Auto spindle lock for wheel replacement
  • Replaceable carbide wear pads


  • XL – Bar feeder for 1900mm length
  • Fire suppression
  • Mist/fume collector
  • Flood coolant system

Manual operation is available with the “Quick Change” support fixture that adapts for regrind cut-offs.

The BOSS-SA Semi-Automatic Cut-Off Machine provides most of the features of the BOSS-FA at a more affordable price for lower volume cut-off requirements. This machine can be easily converted for fully automatic operation at a later date.

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Toolroom Solutions offers high quality accessories for Tool & Cutter Grinders. Products include:

  • World-class Toolgal grinding wheels
  • GDS wheel adapters (made in Germany, meet or exceed all OEM specs)
  • Wheel balancing machines
  • Market leading workholding from GDS 
  • Replacement parts & tooling for leading Tool & Cutter Grinder brands
  • Major machine service, repair and upgrades

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Ebbco inc. is a full service design and build manufacturer of metalworking filtration since 1983. Ebbco has developed filtration systems for multiple industries such as EDM, Waterjet, Precision Machining, Coolant Clarification, Grinding and Stone working.

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Automator is a world wide leader in industrial marking equipment and solutions. Technologies include laser, dot peen, impact, scribe, rolling, presses, hot and electrolytic. This comprehensive range of marking systems caters to a wide range of industries and materials.

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Tecnomagnete has been developing magnetic work holding systems for 35 years. Products include permanent-electro magnetic systems to clamp workpieces on milling, grinding, turning machines and special equipment for rail machining. Magnetic QMC systems to clamp molds for plastic injection molding machines and metal presses, and manual lifters for loads up to 2000kg.

Die-Mold Machinery is the representative for Tecnomagnete in California, Arizona and Nevada. For more information about Tecnomagnete please visit their website.

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For over 75 years Rousseau Metals has been designing and manufacturing customizable durable and heavy-duty industrial storage and workstations in North America.

Products include:

Tool Boxes, Heavy Duty Cabinets, Workstations, Workbenches, Modular Shelving and CNC   Storage Solutions.

All products are customizable and available in 20 standard colors. 

Rousseau catalog: Product Line Brochure

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To build your customized Rousseau product: MyModel-r Configurator

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