HSG Laser founded in 2006, is a leading global supplier of fiber laser cutting machines for sheet and tube. They offer laser power up to 40KW, five axis cutting heads and provide sophisticated automation to cater to the most demanding applications.

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Messer is a leading manufacturer of oxyfuel, HD plasma and laser plate cutting systems with customized solutions for a wide range of industries including steel service centers, metal fabrication, structural steel, agriculture, energy, ship building, transportation and construction.

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FICEP Corporation has been exclusively engaged in the engineering and manufacturing of machine tools for the metalworking industry since 1930. They are a world leader of fabrication machinery and equipment and offer a complete line of beam and plate processing machines.

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HGG Group - Specialist in CNC Profiling - Tubes, Pipes, Box Sections & Vessel Heads

HGG Group is a specialist in CNC profiling of tubes, pipes, box section & pressure vessel heads.

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PIRANHA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of metal plate cutting and forming equipment. 

  • Piranha - hydraulic Ironworker an industry standard since 1974
  • Bertsch -  a leader in the manufacturing of innovative, heavy-duty metal-rolling equipment.
  • W.A. Whitney -a leader in the design and manufacture of laser, plasma and plasma punching for metal plate fabrication.

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We Cut the Steel That Builds America

For over 50 years HE&M Saw has been the leader in new band saw technology, setting the standard with more patented innovations than any other band saw manufacturer in the world.

HE&M Saw include the following products:

  • Horizontal Pivot Saws
  • Horizontal Miter Saws
  • Dual Column Saws
  • Wide Flange Saws
  • Vertical Saws
  • Plate Saws
  • Material Handling

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The Intec-G2® Series of Water Jet Cutting Systems represents the latest in our evolution of innovative products to create a precision, easy-to-operate, safe and highly reliable machine. The Intec water jet can cut almost any material to 200mm (8”) thick at maximum cutting speeds with minimum Capital outlay. In order to achieve the highest tolerances, the Linear Scale Feedback option ensures the highest accuracy of motion. By mapping the entire cutting area with a laser interferometer, the motion system can deliver positional accuracy of 0.05mm (0.002”.)

Every single Intec-G2® machine is designed and built to the highest quality standards of Profile Waterjet Cutting Machine manufacture, incorporating practical design features and high-quality components. It was these Design Solutions that won the prestigious “Excellence in Product Design” Award at the Manufacturing Innovation Excellence Awards upon its introduction into the market in 2001.

TECHNI will provide each customer, with a Waterjet machine that lasts longer and requires less maintenance, while delivering an easy to use, fast and accurate system at a very competitive price.

Water Jet Pump – The Future in Waterjet Cutting Technology

The TECHNI Waterjet™ Quantum NXT™ water jet pump is a revolutionary concept in waterjet cutting. It incorporates a servo motor directly enveloping a high load, precision ball screw. The ball screw directly houses the ceramic plungers, which reciprocate back and forth to create the pumping action, in much the same way as a hydraulic cylinder works on an intensifier waterjet pump. The infinite control of the servo motor and precision of the ball screw, enable extremely accurate control over the output pressure and volume of the water displaced, and eliminates pressure spikes when deadheading. This infinite control gives an operator the ability to program virtually any pressure and flow rate from zero to full capacity, while only using the power displaced at the cutting head.

The TECHNI Waterjet™ Quantum NXT™ is by far the most efficient waterjet pump available on the market, delivering “real” efficiency gains and “real” savings.

The Quantum NXT™ only ever uses the power required for the cutting process. This means that regardless of whether the cutting head is open or closed, or the pressure or flow is reduced, there are no additional power losses.

The below graph highlights the increasing efficiency gains achieved with the Quantum NXT™ as duty cycles decrease.

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Techni Waterjet machines | Intec–G2® 35 | Intec–G2® 510 | Intec–G2® 612 | Intec–G2® 613Intec–G2® 713 | Intec–G2® 1020 | Intec–G2® Series |

Pumps QUANTUM NXT™ G4 | ESP 30/55 & ESP 37/66 | VP 15/52 |

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Waterjet Overview

  1. Abrasive Removal System - Continuously removes abrasive that collects inside the catch Tank.
  2. Abrasive Bag Hopper - Collects spent abrasive in an easy to service removable bag.
  3. In-Tank Sweeper Package - Placed inside the Catch Tank to keep The Abrasive from settling out and maintains optimum performance on the Abrasive Removal System.
  4. Settling Weir System - Allow optimum Time to settle abrasive before entering Closed Loop Filter System.
  5. Closed Loop Filtration System - Filters and Treats Table overflow water for reuse by the High Pressure Pump
  6. Chillers - Maintains a consistent temperature for cutting water and Closed Loop Filter System.
  7. RO Water Treatment System - Recommended to treats Incoming water quality greater than 250 ppm

The Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration System

Is designed to filter and treat waterjet overflow water for reuse. This system can service single or multiple heads on any waterjet table. By using the Ebbco Closed Loop System you will eliminate the need to go to drain by recycling the water, Reduce your water consumption, your costs for treated water such as RO units or water softeners, the machines maintenance and maximize the performance but most importantly, The Ebbco closed loop system protects your high pressure pump by always supplying the manufactures specified water quality.

  • Eliminate the Drain Completely
  • Recycle the water so no dissolved solids are sent down the drain.
  • Reduce Water Consumption up to 90% of Normal Usage.
  • Reuse your overflow water you reduce your water and sewage bills drastically.
  • Reduce the Requirement for Make up Water Treatments
  • The Ebbco Closed Loop System uses a small amount of water and treats it before going to the high‐pressure pump.
  • Maximize Orifice Life
  • Reduce machine maintenance and maximize the machine performance. Protect you High‐Pressure Pump

The Ebbco Abrasive Removal System

Ebbco’s Abrasive Removal System is designed to continuously remove exhausted abrasive that collects in the Waterjet catch tank, thus eliminating downtime for cleanout and maximizes production. The Abrasive Removal System can be adapted to any Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Machine. The Selection of an Ebbco Abrasive Removal System is based on the square footage of the Waterjet Catch tank and number of cutting heads. Ebbco engineers design a custom fit sweeper package to move large quantities of Abrasive laden along the bottom of the tank, toward the suction. Thus, maximizing your productivity and eliminating down time for tank cleaning. The Ebbco Abrasive Removal’s Pump carries a one‐year or 2000 hour warranty. By using the Abrasive Removal Along with a Closed Loop Filtration System will reduce the consumable costs.

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Automator is a world wide leader in industrial marking equipment and solutions. Technologies include laser, dot peen, impact, scribe, rolling, presses, hot and electrolytic. This comprehensive range of marking systems caters to a wide range of industries and materials.

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Tecnomagnete has been developing magnetic work holding systems for 35 years. Products include permanent-electro magnetic systems to clamp workpieces on milling, grinding, turning machines and special equipment for rail machining. Magnetic QMC systems to clamp molds for plastic injection molding machines and metal presses, and manual lifters for loads up to 2000kg.

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For over 75 years Rousseau Metals has been designing and manufacturing customizable durable and heavy-duty industrial storage and workstations in North America.

Products include:

Tool Boxes, Heavy Duty Cabinets, Workstations, Workbenches, Modular Shelving and CNC   Storage Solutions.

All products are customizable and available in 20 standard colors. 

Rousseau catalog: Product Line Brochure

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To build your customized Rousseau product: MyModel-r Configurator

Product Flyers: | Modular Drawer System | Toolbox System | R Cabinet | R-Go Motorized Tool BoxL Cabinet | L50 Electronic Lock systemCNC Storage Solutions | Workstation SystemMULTITEK Cart | TEKZONE Workstation Hutch Spider ® Shelving SystemFreestanding Station |

Videos: | Why Rousseau? | The R cabinet | R2V Vertical Storage | R-Go Motorized Platform | R-Go Motorized toolbox | The L cabinet | The L50 Electronic Lock | Before and After: JF Kustoms Garage |  

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