Flexible financing plans available for all businesses.

We understand that most companies have different financing needs when it comes to acquiring our product(s).

True Lease - Operating Lease

Also called a Fair Market Value Lease, a True Lease allows you to write off each lease payment as an operating expense. When the lease term is up, you will have the option to renew the lease, upgrade the equipment, purchase it at Fair Market Value, or send it back.

Capital Lease

A Capital Lease is designed for you to own the equipment at the ned of the payment period. We have created and easy way for you to purchase the equipment at the end of the term for just $1 (or $101, depending on your state laws).

Rental Agreement

We have the ability to structure an agreement as a Rental. Choose the term that suits your needs, commence the agreement and simply rent the equipment. Rental Agreements are great way to overcome budget constraints.

Equipment Finance Agreement

EFA is a simple loan to your business that allows you to buy the equipment you need. Make your payments and at the end of the term, you are done. You choose what to finance including equipment, shipping, taxes, warranties etc.